Module 1: Exercises for lateral epicondylaglia

L1-3            Introductions

Download 1: Other treatment options

Download 2: Prescription stages

L4-6          Resisted wrist curls 1 and 2

L7-9          Sideways elbow glide

Download 1: Sideways elbow glide technique

Download 2: Mulligans mobilisation

L10           Elbow point glide  

L11-13   Downwards wrist stretch

L14-15   Palm slide

L16-18   Upwards wrist curls elastic band palm down

L19-21   Upwards wrist curls palm down

L22-24    Eccentric wrist curls palm down

L25-27    Eccentric wrist curls elastic band palm down

Download 1: patient advice tip

L28-30    Tic tock exercise

L31-33     Rubber bar twist

Download 1: Racket grip size

L34-35     Biceps curls

L36-37     Triceps kick backs

L38-39     Stomach-lying cross lifts and 90/90

L40            Stomach-lying chicken wings

L41            Angel wings

L42-44    Summaries

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