Module 4: Intermediate exercises for the scapula

L1-2         Introductions

Download 1: Prescription stages

L3-5        Standing row

Download 1: Scapula tests

L6-8        Straight arms row

L9-11      Front-lying arm extension

L12-14    Seated press

Download 1: Neurogenic causes winging

L15-17    Wall slide

L18-19    Retraction overhead

L20-21   Outward shoulder rotation with arm elevation

L22-24   All fours full arm elevation

L25-26   Kneeling scapula push-up

L27-28   Kneeling push-up

L29-31   Lawnmower

L32-34   Robbery

L35-36   Diagonal shoulder flexion

L37-38   The pullover

L39-41   Overhead press

L42-44   Overhead shrug

L45-47    Summaries

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