L1: What to prescribe them for and how to prescribe them

What to prescribe them for

The following conditions can respond favourably to this series of exercises:

  • Annular tears, disc bulges and herniations
  • Facet joint sprains
  • Sacroiliac joint sprains

If you have identified any of the following during your physical examination these exercises may be appropriate:

  • Faulty bending technique
  • Poor side bridge endurance
  • Poor back extensor endurance
  • Weak lower limb muscles

You can use these exercises to:

  • Reduce pain 
  • Improve movement behaviours
  • Reduce any anxiety or fear avoidance behaviours
  • Reduce the risk of repeat episodes

How to prescribe them

In the case of an acute episode we recommend that the patient has achieved some level of relief from your other treatment modalities prior to prescribing these exercises. They can be prescribed in a 20 minute, one-on-one consultation. Following the consultation they can be incorporated into a group session or performed as home exercises. Follow-up consultations are recommended to assess technique and outcomes. For optimal results they should be performed once per day.

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