L1: What to prescribe them for and how to prescribe them

What to prescribe them for

Patellofemoral pain2 

How to prescribe them

In the case of an acute episode we recommend that the patient has achieved some level of relief from your other treatment modalities prior to prescribing these exercises (the reduction of effusion and pain should be the initial focus). They can be prescribed in a 20-minute, one-on-one consultation. Follow-up consultations are recommended to assess technique and outcomes. For optimal results they should be performed once per day (except forward and sideways step-up step-down) and two to four sets of ten is recommended.3 It is important the patient does not experience pain during these exercises. For those patients that do not tolerate weight bearing exercises you may wish to prescribe open chain exercises or exercise for the gluteals.

Evidence indicates that targeting hip strength is beneficial for patellofemoral pain and this may be appropriate prior to quadriceps strengthening.4-9 Please refer to beginner exercises for the hip and intermediate exercises for the gluteals.

There is some evidence that stretching can improve pain, function and range of motion in patients with patellofemoral pain.10-15 Many studies investigating strength exercises also incorporate stretching exercises.3 Please refer to stretches for the lower body.

For further information regarding patient advice and the exclusion of adductor exercises please refer to beginner open chain quadriceps exercises for the patellofemoral pain. 

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