L2: How to prescribe them and what the patient can expect

How to prescribe them 

These exercises can be prescribed in a 20-minute, one-on-one consultation. Following the consultation they can be incorporated into a group session or performed as home exercises. Follow-up consultations are recommended to assess technique and outcomes. For optimal results they should be performed once per day. 

What the patient can expect 

This series of exercises progresses from beginner exercises for the lower back. Patients should continue to experience improvement in their condition and gain further confidence in their daily activities. For optimal results they should be performed for a minimum of four to six weeks and ideally incorporated into a long-term daily routine. 

While the patient may feel some discomfort after performing these exercises they should not aggravate the patient’s condition. If they do it is either a technique problem or they are not quite suitable for their particular condition. 

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