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Lesson instructions: 

Watch the video below

Summary notes
Complete the course modules and lessons in order
Orange down arrow: available lessons
Tablet icon: back to the course title page
White arrow: hides menu
Download references: numbers in slides and text correspond
Course structure: 
Introduction: What to prescribe them for, how to prescribe them, what the patient can expect
Exercises: teaching points, evidence, tip
Summaries: teaching points, evidence, tip
Video settings: 
Auto or 360 to avoid buffering
Increase or decrease speed to suit
Full screen
Summary text
Quizzes, questions, case studies
Hint: Shows correct response
Multiple-choice: result is accurate
Questions, case studies: result is 0 as we are not marking them
Restart question and check the hint for correct response example
Mark complete: places a green tick next to lesson, cannot be undone
Downloads: Additional information not in video or text
Materials: All downloads available, visual summary of module
CPD: Return to, login to complete final marked quiz and receive certificate
Questions: email – we will respond within 48 hours

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