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While eccentric exercise is certainly the most investigated approach to this condition there are other options to consider, especially when it comes to pain relief. As Martinez-Silvestrini et al. explain: “… Lateral [epicondylalgia] is often related to forceful grip activities requiring isometric contraction of the wrist flexors and extensors.”1 Isometric contractions have been shown to induce short-term analgesia in patella tendinopathy – so applying this to the elbow may be just as valuable. And that’s not the only pain-relieving exercise available.

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1. Martinez-Silvestrini JA, Newcomer KL, Gay RE, Schaefer MP, Kortebein P, Arendt KW. Chronic lateral epicondylitis: Comparative effectiveness of a home exercise program including stretching alone versus stretching supplemented with eccentric or concentric strengthening. J Hand Ther. 2005;18(4):411-420. doi:10.1197/j.jht.2005.07.007.

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