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Expand your knowledge while creating, modifying, and progressing your patients’ exercise programs easily and effectively using our unique exercise prescription software.

Our annual and monthly membership programs are designed for discerning health professionals who want to improve their skills and incorporate evidence-based exercise into their practice – but don’t have the time for comprehensive research.

At Evidence for Exercise, our team of clinicians, researchers, and health professionals constantly review hundreds of journal articles. We collate the best evidence-based practices and pass them on to you, using our exclusive online portal, exercise handout builder, downloads, videos and more. 95% of our practitioners say they would recommend our courses to their colleagues.

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Quizzes and activities


Exercise downloads

Annual Membership

Pay annually and save over 25%
  •  All courses available
  •  Full access to learning portal
  •  1,000+ instructional and educational videos
  •  100+ quizzes and activities
  •  250+ exercise downloads
  •  Access to customised exercise handout builder, print or email branded exercise instructions for your patients
  •  35% discount on continuing education (CPD) courses
  •  Early-bird access to our annual virtual event and ‘Ask us anything’ educational sessions

$388.18 / yearPurchase now

Monthly Membership

Pay monthly
  •  Limited courses available each month
  •  Limited access to learning portal
  •  Instructional and educational videos
  •  Quizzes and activities
  •  Access to customised exercise handout builder, print or email branded exercise instructions for your patients

$42.73 / monthPurchase now

Self-directed learning at its best

We’ve designed the courses in our online learning portal to be flexible and logical, including a variety of formats for your unique learning style. You can download workbooks, watch videos, study the exercises, complete quizzes, and read case studies written in clear language to help explain complex concepts to patients and clients.

The perfect mix of practical application and research information

Our experts engage in high level research to validate the reasoning for every single exercise. Filled with great tips and tricks you can use in practice, we help you:

  • Understand when certain exercises are not appropriate, and referral is necessary
  • Master correct techniques, through clear language and video demonstrations
  • Communicate clearly to your patients to improve their technique
  • See real examples of patient errors and understand how to guide clients through to successful exercise performance
  • Improve your knowledge based on the latest evidence, giving you the skills to confidently communicate with and educate your patients and clients.

We make it easier to explain to your patients the basic anatomical, neurological, and physiological concepts that are relevant to their recovery and experience. Your patients will now understand the purpose of their exercises, making them truly engaged in the process.

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Create professional PDF exercise handouts for your patients in seconds!

  • Filter, drag and drop, fill in the details, print or email
  • Click on the info button for teaching instructions, evidence and what to say to your patients
  • Upload your own logo and start prescribing today
  • Be confident you are using the best evidence-based exercises for your patients
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Online Learning Portal Courses

We collate the best evidence-based practices and pass them on to you, using our exclusive online portal, customisable exercise prescription software, downloads, videos and more. Courses currently include:

  • Exercises for the jaw
  • Exercises for the neck
  • Pilates for the upper back
  • Exercises for the scapula
  • Exercises for the shoulder (elastic band, weights, overhead activities)
  • Exercises for lateral epicondylalgia
  • Exercises for the lower back
  • Yoga for the lower back
  • Pilates for the abdominals
  • Exercises for the hip
  • Exercises for the gluteals (low tensor fascia latae, high activation non weight-bearing, high activation weight-bearing, step up box, gluteus medius, gluteus maximus, advanced)
  • Open chain and closed chain quadriceps exercises for patellofemoral pain
  • Stretches for the lower body
  • Exercises for Achilles tendinopathy
  • Exercises for plantar fasciitis
  • Exercises for the prevention of falls
  • Nordic Walking
  • Exercises for pregnancy (aerobic, Swiss ball, abdominals, rectus diastasis abdominis, upper and lower body strength, pelvic floor, pelvic girdle and lower back pain, moving safely during pregnancy)

Upcoming Courses

We’re constantly doing research on the latest findings and best practices in the field, developing new courses and materials to add value to your membership. Courses currently in development include:

  • Instilling behaviour change
  • Anterior cruciate ligament rehabilitation
  • Ideal patient journey
  • Post rotator cuff tear rehabilitation
  • Interdisciplinary communication
  • Advanced exercises for the lower back
  • History and examination frameworks
  • Relaxation exercises for the upper body
  • Exercises for depression and anxiety
  • Exercises for the hamstrings
  • High-intensity interval training
  • Workplace assessment

Every element of exercise prescription is covered using a uniform, systematic approach you can easily refer to in your practice:

What to prescribe different exercises for

How to prescribe them

What the patient can expect

Teaching points & key phrases


The evidence and science behind each exercise

Neuro or clinical tips

What to say to patients

I found that all parts were really well presented I loved the breakdown of the teaching points, evidence and neural tips. Being a yoga teacher and exercise physiologist for the past 15 years this is the first course I’ve done that has really satisfied me on all levels. Thank you!

Exercise Physiologist & Yoga InstructorAustralia

Amazing platform. I paid 4x as much for a much less effective program for my patients.


Incredibly clear instruction sheets for exercise prescription. Very informative and appropriate presentation of information in the CPD modules that could have been overwhelming if not delivered in the way it is. Edited magnificently.

Sports ScientistAustralia

Evidence for Exercise is a well researched, comprehensive approach to rehabilitating common biomechanical dysfunctions. The ease of use and support from up to date research make it an indispensable tool for most practitioners.

Dr Adrienne TChiropractor

The PDF notes are very well formatted and so easy to follow. They are some of the best I have used in online learning.

Physiotherapist & Exercise PhysiologistAustralia

Concise explanations of how to do the exercises and how they improve muscular, neurological and joint function. A must for every Chiropractor.

Dr Jenny MChiropractor

I like the fact I can do all the exercises at home in my own time frame to suit my needs.

Jennifer WPatient

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