CPD General Practitioners Exercises for the hip and gluteals 5hrs


Expertly and easily prescribe exercise in the clinic for the hip and gluteals. Our online evidence-based CPD courses are designed to serve as a handbook for your day-to-day practice, covering all areas from assessment and prescription to execution. Earn 5 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Points.

  • Learn at your own pace while gaining important expertise
  • Study with provided exercise prescriptions and practitioner notes
  • Take 3 multiple-choice exams
  • Get immediate confirmation of your CPD points

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This course is designed to meet the the requirements AHPRA and the Medical Board of Australia CPD and has been allocated 5 Continuing Professional Development hours. It includes prompts to help you complete your annual Professional Development Plan.

Confidently train this vital muscle group.

  • Help clients and patients achieve healthy gluteal function for any number of everyday tasks.
  • Give manual labor clients and patients exercises that can protect their ability to lift and move objects safely.
  • Provide athletic clients with an understanding of how their essential knee joints depend on properly exercised gluteals.
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of exactly why and how these essential exercises produce benefits when prescribed properly

Included exercise prescriptions and practitioner notes:

  • Beginner exercises for the hip
  • Intermediate exercises for gluteals (low tensor fascia latae)
  • Intermediate exercises for the gluteals (step-up box)
  • Intermediate high activation exercises for the gluteals (non-weight-bearing)
  • Intermediate high activation exercises for the gluteals (weight-bearing)
  • Advanced exercises for the gluteals

Feedback for our courses

“All your resources are excellent and all the evidence based research is so valuable.”

“As always the information is well researched and set out easily to understand.”

“Love the detail in the neurological implication of the exercise.”

“Concise and informative.”


Simply download and study your exercise prescriptions, practitioner notes, videos, login and answer the questionnaires, download your certificate.

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